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Recent Releases and Updates

GameMaker - Updated to v3.9.95. In previous versions when running in OS X 10.6 after accessing an external file, a "Can't access temporary file" error would occur causing GameMaker to not be able to save the project. This has been corrected. There are also a few other minor improvements such as an improved SPRITECOLLIDE syntax that lets you check if a sprite has collided with a specified coordinate. Visit the GameMaker web page for more info or download the latest update patch.

Hangman - Version 1.7 is a Universal Binary application that will run in OS X 10.7 Lion.

Dracula's Castle - Updated to v2.5.2. Some commands were not able to be used in all areas where they should be logically allowed. There are also some changes to text when searching or getting items in certain locations to give better clues as to what is there.

PongBlaster - This was released in 2007, but I somehow never added it to the site. It's a simple arcade game where you have to shoot the ball while also hitting it with your paddle.


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