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Some links on this page are old and outdated and no longer work. This page is in the process of being updated.

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FutureBASIC is now Freeware! Download it from here.

Source code listed in this section requires Staz Software's FutureBASIC. Code should work with FB 2 and FB 3 unless otherwise noted, although I haven't tested all code with all versions.

FutureBASIC Developer Corner hosted by Scorpion Research Ltd.


FB to C

Converts FutureBASIC source code to C and then automatically compiles it to a modern bundled application .


FB Mailing List

The FutureBASIC Listserve is host to a large number of the FutureBASIC programming community. Programmers from all over the world gather here to ask questions, give programming advice, exchange ideas, brainstorm, and help each other in their programming projects and learning exercises. This listserve is one of the greatest FutureBasic programming resources available.


FB List Archives

Searchable database of FutureBASIC mailing list questions and answers going back to 1997.


FB Pouch

This is a searchable web site filled with all sorts of FB source code and helpful tips. It is now somewhat outdated as it deals mainly with FutureBASIC II, but is still a very useful site. Search for STAFFIERI to find all the help and code written by me!

 Text to Search For:

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This section is for users of REAL Software's REALbasic.

REALbasic Books
RealBasic book REALbasic : The Definitive Guide 

by Matt Neuburg

REALbasic For Dummies (book with CD-ROM)

by Erick Tejkowski

REALbasic Cross-Platform Application Development

by Mark S. Choate

Beginning REALbasic: From Novice to Professional

by Jerry Lee Ford Jr.

REALbasic for Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide (Visual Quickstart Guides)

by Michael Swaine

RB Web Ring REALbasic Web Ring

There is also another list of RB related sites at the Open Directory Project


REALbasic Forums


RB Newsgroup

There is a REALbasic newsgroup at: comp.lang.basic.realbasic

If you don't have a newsgroup reader, you can access it from at:

RB Mailing List

If you want to ask questions and learn more about REALbasic, join the RB Internet Mailing List. You can subscribe to the list by sending "subscribe realbasic-nug" (without the quotes) to To subscribe to the digest version of the list, send "subscribe digest realbasic-nug" in the body of a message to


TNT Basic

TNT Basic was previously a shareware product, but has recently been released as freeware/opensource. You can get more info, download the latest release version and post questions and answers on the forum at

If you'd like to try tweaking the actual TNT Basic program or add features to it, the opensource site can be accessed here:



This section is for users of Squirrel Software's MacStandardbasic. This BASIC is no longer be available and the last known version does not run native on OS X.

MacStandardBasic Outpost - The best place for MSB help, source code, message boards, and links to related sites.

Source Code and Other VMSB Downloads


I created a patch for VMSB to partially work around the bug in Do While. The patch changes the Start sub in new projects so all new projects will use Do Until A =1. The actual bug hasn't been fixed, so it's highly recommended that you don't use Do While anywhere in your projects.



VIP BASIC Mainstay's VIP-BASIC - No longer available - Visual Interactive Programming for BASIC. It can create 68k or PPC applications. This may be the best for extensive database programming. It builds excessively large applications and is slow at certain things so it's not the best for games. Regular price is $195. This has been discontinued and does not run native in OS X or create applications for OS X. As of this writing, you can still purchase v2.5 if you need a BASIC for old Macs with System 7 or 8.



Software in this section requires Microsoft QuickBASIC v1.0. QuickBASIC has been discontinued, is no longer available, and doesn't run on most Macs made since 1998.

QB Source Code and Other Fun Stuff - Lots of QuickBASIC source codes. Lots of graphics help including handling pictures larger than 32K (PICT files, PICT resources), reading from a file, writing to a file, mouse clicks, create folders, get and set file type and creator type, get status of special keys (command, shift, option, control), playing snd resources, make files invisible, and more.

The download also includes all of the following and more:

QuickBASIC 1.0b->1.0e update patch - This patch updates QuickBASIC 1.0b to 1.0e which is the last version released by Microsoft. You should use QB Updater (see below) after using this patch to add more features and fixes to QuickBASIC.

QB Updater - This application does the following:

QB Al's Tools - Small program that lets you change the type and creator codes of any file, set files to visble or invisible, get information about the Mac and System version running, split a file into 2 files (resource file and data file). Includes both the application and complete source code.

QB CodeCreator - This is an unfinished application, but the completed portions work. It allows you to easily draw your interface. Drag the mouse to draw a window, buttons, edit fields, etc. You can easily experiment with several different window types and choose the attributes for your edit fields and buttons. CodeCreator automatically creates the QuickBASIC source code for the window that you create. Includes both the application and complete source code.

QB TextEditor - Simple text editor. Includes both the application and complete source code.

QB MiniPaint - Simple black and white paint program. Includes both the application and complete source code.


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