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Castlequest Info

Latest version: 2.2 ----- Release Date: 2/4/2005


What is Castlequest

Castlequest is a new kind of card game which uses original picture cards. There are 4 different arena cards and 14 different character cards. Each character card has a rating for each arena. For example, a King card has a higher rating in the Castle arena than it has in the Battleground arena. You play against the computer. The game starts with an arena card being randomly selected and each player (you and the computer) getting 5 cards. You then try to play the highest ranking card that you have for that arena. Each time a hand is played, a new card is drawn from the deck until no more cards exist. If an arena card is drawn, you may change the arena.


CastleQuest Pict

Screen shot from CastleQuest.


System Requirements

Requirements for Classic Version


Requirements for Carbon Version


Purchasing Castlequest

Castlequest is $10 Shareware. This means that you can try it before buying it. If you like the game and keep it for more than 2 weeks, then you must purchase it for $10.


Option #1. Print out the "Castlequest Registration" text file that came with Castlequest or if you can't print out the form, write your name, address, E-mail address, and a short note saying that you want to register Castlequest on a piece of paper and mail it with a check or Money Order drawn on a US bank to:

Al Staffieri Jr.
1061 Crestwood Dr.
Williamstown, NJ 08094


Option #2. (U.S. residents only) Order online by credit card using


Recent Version History

v2.2 - 2/4/05


v2.1 - 8/08/03


v2.01 - 3/15/01


v2.0 - 9/30/99


v1.0 - 1993


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