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(c)1995-2011 by Al Staffieri Jr.

Document revised 8/10/11

* Update your version to v3.9.95. Download the patch.

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  • Latest Version: 3.9.95
  • Release Date: 8/08/11
  • Minimum Requirements: MacOS X 10.1 or better
  • Made with FutureBASIC


What is GameMaker

GameMaker is an easy to use card based development system which allows you to create adventure games with graphics, buttons, and text. There is no programming required, but it does have a scripting language which can be used to make better games. For beginners, just draw some pictures, type some text, click a few buttons, choose some options... and an adventure game is created! When you are ready to get more advanced, you can add some additional features to your game by using the simple scripting language to use sprites, play movie files, do actions based on player choices and variables, etc. You can then compile your game into a real application that you can upload and let others download and play. There are no royalties to pay, so make as many games as you like.



Latest Updates

If you have v3.4 or higher and MacOS X 10.1 or higher, then download: GameMaker Update 3.4->3.9.95
If you are not registered then download: GameMaker v3.9.95 Demo
If you have a version older than v3.4 you can contact me at:


Ordering GameMaker

GameMaker is $20. There are several ways to order GameMaker. NOTE: I am no longer using for orders.


Option #1. Order online using  Official PayPal Seal


Option #2. Print out the order form from the "Print Registration" menu item under the "Run" menu in the Demo version of GameMaker or if you can't print out the form, write your name, address, E-mail address, and a short note saying that you want to register GameMaker on a piece of paper and mail it with a check or Money Order drawn on a US bank for $20 to:

Al Staffieri Jr.
1061 Crestwood Dr.
Williamstown, NJ 08094


Recent Version History

v3.9.95 - 8/08/11

v3.9.94 - 6/12/09


v3.9.93 - 2/08/09


v3.9.92 - 1/30/09


v3.9.91 - 8/23/08


v3.9.9 - 1/17/08


v3.9.8 - 11/03/07


v3.9.7 - 9/1/07


v3.9.6 - 8/23/07


v3.9.5 - 3/01/07


v3.9.4 - 2/05/07


v3.9.3 - 8/31/06


v3.9.2 - 8/06/06


Help & General Questions

If you're experiencing bugs or problems with GameMaker, first make sure you're using the latest version. See the Latest Updates section to download the update patch for your version.


I downloaded GameMaker, but It says I need an application to run it.

GameMaker is a Macintosh application and requires the user to have an Apple Macintosh computer. It will not run on any version of Windows. Current versions are compressed as zip archives. They should be able to be extracted simply by double clicking on them after making sure the file has the 3 letter extension of .zip. Previous versions of GameMaker were compressed as StuffIt archives (.sit file). StuffIt is the older Mac standard of compressing files for the web before OS X came along. You can open those compressed archives using the free StuffIt Expander which you can download from


Is there a Windows version of GameMaker available?

No. There might be one at some point in the future, but there isn't one at this time. 


I'm not a registered user. How do I get the full version?

See the Ordering GameMaker section above.


Why should I register?

Once you become a registered user, I will send you the latest full version of GameMaker which lets you have up to 750 lines of code per script (the unregistered version is limited to 15 lines of code per script), removes the nag windows that ask you to register, and can compile your games into real stand alone Mac applications that can be run without the need for GameMaker or any game player type of program.


Can I get the full version for free?

No. Please don't ask me to send it to you for free. I can't accept software trades either. I'm not trying to be mean to you, but I spend a large amount of time and my own money to constantly update this software and provide support for it.


Can I charge shareware fees for games that I make?

Yes. If you are a registered user of the full version, you can charge fees for your games. You can send your games to anyone or upload them to any internet location or online service that allows uploads. However, you are NOT allowed to give away or charge money for GameMaker itself.


How do I use the inventory, status bar, midi files, counter, any other feature?

There is a new GameMaker Guide web page that discuses various features. Please visit the GameMaker Guide page to see if your question is answered there.


Can v3.x open documents created with a previous version?

GameMaker v3.x can open game files made with any version of GameMaker as far back as v1.5.


Do I need other software to run GameMaker or compiled games?

No. GameMaker is an application. No other software is needed to use GameMaker. Games created with GameMaker can be compiled into stand alone applications so that no other software is needed to run them.


Application I created won't launch or shows wrong icon

In some cases, after creating an application, you may need to close the folder and reopen it for the Finder to properly recognize the new application. If that doesn't work then you may need to rebuild the desktop. To rebuild the desktop press the Option & Command keys while restarting your computer.


Tech Notes & Tech Support

If you don't see your problem listed here or above, please visit the Tech Support page or E-mail me at

Late Breaking News

The notes below are for GameMaker v3.9.95. If you're using an older version, please get the latest update here.

8/10/11 -Application icons for GameMaker and compiled games are not being shown correctly in OS X 10.6. They are shown as default application icons. Status: Unable to fix at this time.

8/10/11 -GameMaker does not run in OS X 10.7 Lion. Status: Unable to fix at this time. This will be corrected in a future update.


Known Issues For All Versions


Other Problems

If you have any other questions, comments, or problems, please fill out the form on the Tech Support page or E-mail me at


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