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The goal of the game is to hit the balls with bullets that you shoot from your paddle while also keeping the balls in play by hitting them with your paddle.

You control the paddle by moving the mouse.

Click the mouse to fire bullets at the balls.



(Older versions available here)

Simple Hangman game has over 2000 words, keeps track of top 10 high scores, and has a Tournament option so 2 - 4 players can compete against each other for the top score in the tournament.

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Dracula's Castle

(68k Mac version available here)

Dracula's Castle is a text adventure game. The object of the game is to defeat the evil vampire, find the treasure that is hidden somewhere on the island, and leave the island with the treasure. Input commands to move around the island and search for items that may help you.



Teaching With Interactive Fiction

Erik Dahlin, a teacher and computer administrator at St. Mary College in Nagoya, Japan, says he uses Dracula's Castle to teach his students English.

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Al's Coloring Book

(68k Mac version available here)

This is a simple coloring book for the kids. It has a 16 color pallette, 6 pictures to color, 6 different brushes, printer support for printing either colored pictures or uncolored pictures for use with real crayons. Saves colored pictures as PICT documents without disturbing original pictures.

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