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This page contains a list of applications and other add ons that may help you in the creation of GameMaker games. 

If you have something you would like to contribute (icons, cursors, sounds, freeware or shareware apps), please E-mail me at If it's a shareware or freeware application that you did not create, then you can send me a hyperlink of where the program can be found.





GMCarbonizer - by Mike Richardson of Silvernetworks. Converts Classic games (OS 7.5 - OS 9.2.2) to Carbon games (OS 8.6 to OS X), so they can be played natively on OS X.

updateGameMaker Toolkit - by Mike Richardson of Silvernetworks. GM Toolkit is a suite of accessories to assist GM developers. It verifies and formats scripts, compresses graphics, manages sounds, customizes compiled games, and edits game saves. In addition, online help and bug reporting is included. GM Toolkit v1.3b2 requires GameMaker v3.9.94 or better.

GMhttp - by Mike Richardson of SilverNetworks. Plugin for users of GameMaker 3.2.3 or better. It downloads a single file via HTTP according to information that you specify--a URL, a local file name, and a type (0 for text; 1 for binary data such as pictures). GMhttp will download the file transparently in the background and report any errors to you. Needs 1MB of RAM and will run on any Macintosh with GameMaker. The archive includes the 300K application and an example.


GMOnline - by Mike Richardson of SilverNetworks. Awesome GameMaker add-on program that lets you create 2 player games over the internet using GameMaker as the game engine.

newGM Online Server - by Mike Richardson of SilverNetworks. Run this server 24/7 and then people using your game will be able to connect to the server to find other players for matchups.

Al's SoundRecorder - by Al Staffieri Jr. Simple program that will record a sound and save it as a sound file that can be imported into GameMaker.


GraphicConverter - Shareware application by Lemke Software. Converts pictures to different formats. It also contains many useful features for picture manipulation. Great for converting gif, jpg, and other graphics formats to the PICT format for use with GameMaker.


SoundApp - Freeware application by Norman Franke. SoundApp can play or convert sound files in a variety of formats including wav, MIDI, AIF, snd resource, System 7/MacOS 8 sound, MPEG audio, and more.

newSoundApp Reborn - Remake of the original SoundApp that works on Intel Macs, but is lacking some features.

Pixen - Free, powerful painting program that also lets you create single image files, animated GIFs, or a QuickTime movie.

GifBuilder 1.0 - by Yves Piguet. GifBuilder is a freeware scriptable utility for creating animated GIF files. Runs in either OS 9 or OS X.

newRezilla - Resource editor for the Macintosh (OSX). It is designed to facilitate the edition and manipulation of resources stored in the data fork or in the resource fork of a file.


Sample Code

 Roguesoft RPG Engine - By Silverwind of Roguesoft. Start building your RPG game with this engine. It uses the grid navigation system below, so be sure to download that as well for more help. Also see the tile set in the graphics section of this page if you need some RPG graphics of characters or terrain.

v6 Grid Navigation System - By SilverWind of Roguesoft. This is a grid navigation system for RPG games. This is an excellent companion to the Roguesoft RPG engine above. Also see the tile set in the graphics section of this page if you need some RPG graphics of characters or terrain.

Silver's RPG Game making Guide - By Silverwind of Roguesoft. This is a comprehensive pdf guide to making RPG battle engines. It explains ideas and techniques with source code snippets. This is a must for anyone new to GameMaker who wants to start working on their own RPG game.

Roguesoft Battle Engine - By Silverwind of Roguesoft. Powerful yet easy to understand open source battle engine to promote RPGs. The engine is turn based and supports 1 on 1 combat. Currently the engine contains attack strength, attack accuracy, attack evasion and status effects. It also contains a spell system.

King Eldar's RPG Battle Engine - by King Eldar ( This is another RPG battle engine. It includes magic/spell options as well as defend and attack. No explanations on how things work, but the code is mostly self explanatory.

GM Pong - By Al Staffieri Jr. Simple pong game source code.

GM Sprites - By Stephen Johnson (AKA Diordna, AKA Stratus Software). Simple tutorial with source code explaining very easy ways to use and move a sprite around the window with either the mouse or by using buttons.

GM Keydown Sprite Demo - by Tim Jurka. Simple demo of moving a a sprite when a key is pressed.

Text Adventure Template v1.02 - By Al Staffieri Jr. and updated by Silverwind of Roguesoft - Create a text adventure with GameMaker.

High Scores File - By Al Staffieri Jr. Creates a high scores file and saves the top 5 scores to the file. Reads the file and sorts the scores to display them in order from highest to lowest. The code can easliy be expanded to handle top 10 or top 20 scores.



Roguesoft's Tile and Character Set - By SilverWind of Roguesoft. Set of tile graphics for use with RPG games. You must credit Roguesoft for the graphics if you use these. See the v6 Grid Navigation System in the source code section of this page for code to use these tiles in your game.


Cursors, Icons

Cursors are saved as crsr resources and can be added to your game using ResEdit. See the "More Notes" documentation that comes with GameMaker for more information on using custom cursors.


Al's Cursors Volume 1 - By Al Staffieri Jr. Set of 5 cursors for use in GameMaker games. The cursors are (number in front of name is resource ID number):


Sounds - Search the web for sounds

5000 free sounds for non commercial games - by BeachWare

Free Sound effects

Free Sounds for Games


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