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new Winterban - Puzzle - Sokoban clone with 16 levels
GM Mastermind - PuzzleCharlo
Parking Panic - Puzzle
Get your car out of the parking lot by moving other cars
Silverwind of RogueSoft
Movod Ruins - Fixed movie loading bug.
A walk-through is available here.
Tradley Sasser
Gnome Defender GnomeAgain
Quest of Magic v1.1.1 - RPG Award Winner
Dungeons have additional secret. Cheat tree has new cheat.
Silverwind of RogueSoft
Supa Pong - Arcade Award Winner Silverwind of RogueSoft
Dead Man's Cave - Adventure Tireas Dragon

Gridz v1.0 - Puzzle

Silverwind of RogueSoft

Epicus - RPG

Silverwind of RogueSoft

PongBlaster - Arcade

Al Staffieri Jr.

Dreaming v1.03  - Adventure

Helena Markoya

Re and Keith

Zephyress (and sometimes TigerRe72)

Space Can Suck v2.0 (OS X) Javier Rodriguez


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