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Earlier this week was the first time I was actually able to get GameMaker 4 to compile and run as a universal application which means it runs native on Intel Macs and will run on OS X 10.7 Lion. There are a lot of issues with it and I need to add a lot of stuff, but it felt great to finally get that far..

I added a link to a GameMaker 4 preview video that I made some time ago. This will let you see what GameMaker 4 looks like. Some of the windows will probably change as development progresses, but at last you can actually see GameMaker running on my Mac.


Work on GameMaker v4.0 is still progressing. I'm getting very close to releasing a preview version. I just uploaded some screen shots of the main window and the button editor window. You can view them in the screen shots section of this page.


Some people have been asking questions lately such as what happened to me, what's up with the GameMaker web site being closed down, is GameMaker v4.0 still being worked on, etc. So I thought I'd tell everyone what happened over the last few months.

We had some web site problems over the last few months. The site that had been hosting the GameMaker forum had a server problem and had to close the forum. They were supposed to get our forum back up and running on a new server. This unfortunately didn't happen, so I started creating my own new forums. Just before I opened my new GameMaker forum, AOL suddenly discontinued their web hosting where my site was being hosted, so I had to find a new host and recreate the entire site. I'm just getting back to normal now.

If you have links to any GameMaker pages, please update those links to: or you can link to my main home page at

The new GameMaker forum will be up and running shortly. For now you can visit the GameMaker Garage forums where theres a GameMaker board there.

All this trouble forced me to stop working on GameMaker v4.0 for several months, but I'm just starting to get back to work on it. Also there is a minor update to GameMaker 3 coming out shortly with a few fixes updated links to the site.



A long time ago I decided to rewrite GameMaker for the 4.0 release. That way I could add some new things and change the design of it. I ended up basically rewriting and cleaning up some of my old code and putting it into a "new" GameMaker. Then I realized all I was doing was making basically the same program with cleaner, maybe slightly faster code. It was going to have a few new things, but the basic layout and windows and options were turning out much the same. That's not what I want. A few months ago, I decided to rethink what I wanted it to be able to do. I started reading and learning some stuff and really thinking about how I can do what I wanted, so I don't end up with fixed coding ways that restrict and confine how you make your game. I came up with ideas on how to do things. I'm not going to tell you all the details yet because I don't want to give away secrets to the competition before I am far enough along. I am pretty sure GameMaker 4.0 will be able to have unlimited (or at least a large amount) of buttons and click areas that you can put anywhere in the window. A am totally creating an entirely new GameMaker, but I will try to keep the scripting language as much the same as I can. Most of the program will still be similar, but much improved. It might even be easier to use than it is now. That's all for now. I think I'm going to have fun with this. I was getting bored with GameMaker for a while, but I'm really excited about the new project.

New Features For v4.0

More new features will be added to this list shortly.


Screen Shots

04/25/09 - Some real screen shots for your viewing pleasure. These were taken from a running GameMaker v4.0 development build. Everything you see in the main window (picture, buttons, text) was created with a build version of GameMaker v4.0.

Main window view. Notice that the picture area is the entire window with buttons that can be placed anywhere in the window and can be resized. Also notice the text below the floating toolbar window. The text was typed in red and was then able to be painted through with the paint brush.

main window view

The next picture is the button editor window. Notice the 4 small text fields near the top right for the button coordinates. These can used to resize or move the current button.

button window

Download The Demo

Sorry, there is no GameMaker 4.0 demo or Preview or Beta available yet. For now, try out the really cool GameMaker 3.x demo and think about how awesome a new version would be with some added cool features that we can't tell you about.


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