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Welcome to Al's Software Graveyard

Software listed on this page is no longer supported (newer, supported versions may be available) and may not run on current Macs, but feel free to email me comments about them if you like. Some of these require a Mac that can run in Classic mode (OS 8/9 or earlier) and others require even older System versions.

These are all outdated versions. There may be newer versions available.

If you have or know someone who has an older Macintosh, these may be of interest to you.



Al's AOL Color Patch (No Longer Supported)

Al's AOL Color Patch replaces AOL's 25 color palette with either an 8, 16, 49, or 256 color palette. These palettes are the ones AOL uses for text styling and formatting in documents, IM windows, chat windows, and new mail windows. The 8 and 16 color palettes are provided mostly to speed up 68k Macs and slow PowerMacs as less colors will let AOL open windows faster when using AOL 4.0. Thus if AOL runs slow on your Mac, you may be able to get a slight speed increase by using this program to install either 8 or 16 colors. The 256 color palette is provided mainly for those who are using fast PPC Macs and want more color choices for text.


Version History

v1.2 - 11/3/00


v1.1 - 10/21/99


v1.0 - 8/3/99


AOL Guestapo (No Longer Supported)


AOL Guestapo will disable the Guest sign on feature of America Online v3.0 or v4.0. This is useful for someone who wants to stop others from signing onto AOL from their computer using the Guest sign on feature.

To use AOL Guestapo, launch the AOL Guestapo application and then locate the America Online application from the Mac's Open File window (alternatively, you can drag the AOL application onto the AOL Guestapo application). If the guest feature is enabled, you'll be asked if you want to disabale it. Once you click OK to disable the guest feature, the Guest menu item will no longer show up on the America Online sign on window, thus disabling anyone from signing on as guest.

If the guest feature was already disabled, you'll be asked if you want to reinstall it. Once you click OK to reinstall the guest feature, the Guest sign on will work as it normally should.


FileLock - v2.1 for PPC Macs (No Longer Supported)


Big Al FileLock is a simple program which lets you password protect any file. Users will be forced to enter the correct password to open the file. FileLock can password protect documents or applications.


Improvements for v2.1

FileLock - v2.03 for 68k Macs (No Longer Supported)

This is the 68k version of FileLock. If you have a PPC Mac you'll be better off using the updated 2.1 version above.

Hugo Game File Type (No Longer Supported)

Utility to convert Hugo games to the proper Mac file type.

Hugo games can be downloaded from You also need a Hugo game interpreter. If you don't have one, download one of the Mac versions from

Most of the Hugo downloads will not have the proper Mac file type and Hugo interpreters may not recognize them as Hugo game files. If the file type of the download is either "TEXT" or "????", dragging the file over The Hugo Game File Typer will set the file to a Hugo game file. Some downloaded games are in zip format and need to be decompressed with StuffIt Expander or similar decompression program first. If there are multiple files in the archive after decompressing it, the file needed to be dragged over Hugo Game File Typer will usually be the one with the .HEX suffix.

GameMaker v2.9.1 (No Longer Supported - Replaced by GameMaker)

GameMaker is an easy to use card based development system which allows you to create simple adventure games with graphics, buttons, and text. There is no programming or scripting language to learn. Just draw the pictures, type some text, click a few buttons, choose some options... and PRESTO, an adventure game is completed! You can then compile your game into a real stand-alone application that can be uploaded to online services. No runtime application is needed to run games created with GameMaker.


 Big Al Slots (No Longer Supported)

Big Al Slots is a casino slot machine game. The graphics are Black & White. It has three different machines including Simple Assortment, Lucky Seven, and Super Sevens. The machines look similar, but have different items, different payout percentages, and different payoff amounts. It will keep track of the top 100 players and winnings. This version fixes a bug when playing sounds which caused crashes on some newer Macs.

FindFont (No Longer Supported)

If you do any programming using several different fonts, or if you want to compare samples of different fonts, then FindFont is for you. Select a font by name or by ID number. FindFont will then display the name, ID number, size, and style number (textface). It also displays a sample of the current selection in the size and style that you choose.


Big Al Address Book (No Longer Supported)

If you want an easy to use personal address book, then Big Al Address Book may be just what you're looking for. It can handle up to 200 entries (cards), but only has room for one phone number in each card. However, it does contain a "Company" field and has several other good features:

KNOWN BUG: Do not use commas in any fields. If you do, your file will be corrupted when saved and will not be able to be opened.


 Al's snd INIT (No Longer Supported)

Al's snd INIT is a System Extension (INIT) that will play a System 7 sound file or a file containing a "snd " resource whenever you start your computer. Al's snd INIT must be placed in the Extensions folder (in the System Folder for System 6). The sound file to be played must be named StartupSound and must be placed in the System Folder (not in the Extensions folder).


HangMan (For 68K Macs - Newer version available here)

Simple Hangman game has over 2000 words, keeps track of top 10 high scores, and has a Tournament option so 2 - 4 players can compete against each other for the top score in the tournament.

HangMan (For PPC Macs - Newer version available here)

Simple Hangman game has over 2000 words, keeps track of top 10 high scores, and has a Tournament option so 2 - 4 players can compete against each other for the top score in the tournament.

CastleQuest (For 68k Macs - Newer version available here)

Castlequest is a new kind of card game which uses original picture cards. There are 4 different arena cards and 14 different character cards. Each character card has a rating for each arena. For example, a King card has a higher rating in the Castle arena than it has in the Battleground arena. You play against the computer. The game starts with an arena card being randomly selected and each player (you and the computer) getting 5 cards. You then try to play the highest ranking card that you have for that arena. Each time a hand is played, a new card is drawn from the deck until no more cards exist. If an arena card is drawn, you may change the arena.

Dracula's Castle (68K Version - Newer version available here)

Dracula's Castle is a text adventure game. The object of the game is to defeat the evil vampire, find the treasure that is hidden somewhere on the island, and leave the island with the treasure. Input commands to move around the island and search for items that may help you.



Teaching With Interactive Fiction

Erik Dahlin, a teacher and computer administrator at St. Mary College in Nagoya, Japan, says he uses Dracula's Castle to teach his students English.

Latest Improvements:


Al's Coloring Book (68K Version - Newer version available here)

This is a simple coloring book for the kids. It has a 16 color pallette, 6 pictures to color, 6 different brushes, printer support for printing either colored pictures or uncolored pictures for use with real crayons. Saves colored pictures as PICT documents without disturbing original pictures.

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